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It’s time to be vulnerable and really “meet’ ourselves as our one true beloved. We have to remember how to love ourselves which ultimately leads to knowing we are pure love.


A foundational perspective of expanding our Awareness into all that we are.  We are multidimensional beings having a simultaneous experience.


A new level of manifestation; this technique is an activation of alignment with your truest nature.


An energetic experience reminding you of the totality of who you are. This technique expands your perspective and opens your being to UNLIMITED possibilities. When we open our awareness to our very nature, we can access more life experiences. We are multidimensional beings having a simultaneous experience. 


A guided visualization of awareness throughout the body systems opening communication and connection within the whole body organism.  Use of this technique brings more light into the body and a greater connection with spirit.  Expect to feel more rested, connected and online for your creative expressions.  Vital energy is amplified through this guided visualization and the power of presence, the gaze of the divine is awakened  in every aspect of your being.


SriYa is the spontaneously journey of two voices that become many. Formed with deep intention and devotion to song as a Universal language, and accessing timelines future and past, the flow takes singers SriMati and Riya on a unique adventure where voices begin in individuality, harmoniously answering the call, traveling into the unknown where in a field of sound they become one interchangeably. As the many voices create a sound bath of cellular nourishment where the tones communicate with the Self and nature throughout the multi-verse, the listener has the invitation to sing along and add their tones to this offering. Or simply melt into the field and allow the frequency to heal and transform you in her embrace. This sound healing experience is 21 minutes. It can be utilized in solo or group settings, yoga classes, meditations and relaxation. Please listen with headphones or great speakers to get the full effect.

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