Any techniques, tools, meditations, visualizations and perspectives are not given as a substitute for medical advice nor are they claimed as cures or remedies.  They are not intended as replacement for medical care.  You must follow the advice of your doctor for all medical treatments, prescribed remedies, and for all mental, emotional, physical problems.

Self responsibility is required for you to discover and educate yourself about all medical conditions and prescribed treatments for your body.  It is up to you to and you alone to decide what is the right course of treatment for you and or your loved ones.

Nothing written, stated or offered is intended to suggest you not seek standard medical treatment or advice.  Nor should it be taken as a remedy over medical treatment.

What is offered is a perspective and opportunity to explore and develop your spirituality and relationship to life and awakening in hopes you will remember your essential nature which is pure love.

If you are pregnant, please seek the advice of a doctor before performing any techniques, tools or meditations or scheduling a session.